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Arthroscopy assisted biceps tenodesis


This surgery is performed in those who have weakness as a result of biceps tendon pathology. The objective of the procedure is to reattach the ruptured tendon to the bone with a tenodesis screw. Tenodesis is the medical terminology for attaching a tendon to the bone.

Surgical steps

Arthroscopy of the shoulder joint is done with two or three tiny 0.5cm incision around the shoulder joint.  A miniature tubular camera is introduced through these small cuts to visualize the shoulder joint.  The biceps tendon is examined, assessed for any abnormality and probed for integrity.

With the help of special arthroscopy needle a stitch is applied through the biceps tendon and the biceps tendon is retrieved through another 2 cm incision over the upper end of the arm bone. The tendon that is retrieved in the upper arm is fixed to the arm bone the help of a clip or a tenodesis screw.  The pain is minimal as the surgery is done through a small cut only.

Postop: After surgery, the shoulder may be immobilized temporarily with a sling. Physiotherapist will see and instruct on exercises to carry on. Flexibility exercises will improve range of motion in your shoulder. Exercises to strengthen your shoulder will gradually be added to your rehabilitation plan.


Successful surgery can correct muscle deformity and return your arm’s strength and function to near normal.


The complications with this surgery are very low.