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Overview of surgery

Biopsy is a simple diagnostic procedure in which a small part of the tissue is removed from the tumor which will be sent for histopathological examination which will confirm the diagnosis.

The biopsy is a critical step in the diagnosis and management of the tumor. It is ideal that biopsy should be done at institution where the final treatment will be done. Improperly done biopsy can adversely affect the chances of limb salvage surgery.

Steps of Surgery

Generally this surgery carried out as a day case procedure. The procedure can be done under regional or general anaesthesia. The biopsy in children is usually done under general anaesthesia.

A small incision of about 2-3 cm is taken in the area of the tumor and a representative sample of the tissue is taken which will be sent for histopathology study.The incision is closed with absorbable suture.

The success rates and the outcomes

The percutaneous biopsy have very high success rate at tissue diagnosis with minimal morbidity and complication.

Your pathway to recovery

You will monitored for the pain and once comfortable will be discharged home with adequate pain relief.