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  • Cardiac Surgery

    Minimally invasive surgery, an innovation of the recent time, makes the surgical procedures less traumatic. the minimally invasive Heart Bypass Surgery or Cardiac Surgery (MICS) is different from the

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  • What is heart attack?

    The heart is a muscular pump and its function is to pump blood to all parts of the body including the vital
    organs like brain, kidney etc. Heart attack or acute myocardial infarction occurs when a blood clot blocks
    one of the blood vessels of the heart, which supply blood to the heart muscle. This results in sudden
    cessation of blood supply to a particular part of the heart muscle and this part of the muscle begins to die.

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  • Botulinum neurotoxin in plastic surgery - what's the evidence for effectiveness?

    Botox and other botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT) products are widely known for their use in treating facial wrinkles - but they can also be used to treat a wide range of non-cosmetic problems.

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  • Increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria hinders treatment of kidney infections

    Researchers use hospital emergency room data from around the country to document emergence of E. coli strain that fights medication. They recommend development of new antibiotics and treatment guidelines.

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  • Obstetricians encourage natural childbirth to remove risks with c-section surgeries

    Many women who have delivered a child by C-section – and who are deemed healthy candidates for vaginal delivery for subsequent births – choose to deliver again by C-section, often because they fear the pain of contractions associated with natural delivery or want the convenience of scheduling their births, which elective C-sections allow. A different dynamic is playing out in Newark, where obstetricians at Rutgers' New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) are countering that trend, counseling women who have had a C-section about the benefits and risks of natural or vaginal delivery for their next child.

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