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Accident & Emergency

What is critical care

Critical care also known as intensive care is multiprofessional speciality that caters to patients with life threatening illness or injuries Critical care could be delivered at scene of accident or inside ambulance or at casualty or in operation theatre By and large most of critical care services are provided at ICU

Why do some patients need critical care services

  • Patients with life threatening illness/polytrauma/chest injuries abdominal and head injury need more specialized and vigilant care.
  • It is very essential to keep watch on vital organ function, assess parameters like oxygen levels in blood, Blood pressure, Heart rate, Urine output at very frequent intervals.
  • These patients need individualized attention of doctor/nursing staff in order to achieve best treatment possible and to prevent further deterioration in their clinical status.

Who provides critical care

Experienced team of physicians, nurses, physiotherapist, technicians and other allied health professional intensivist use their skills and expertise to analyse important therapeutic information. By using state of art technology and sophisticated monitoring system and with help of support services, they provide excellent quality health care leading to better patient outcome

What kind of injuries/illness require critical care management

Trauma care, Care of severly injured be it due to automobile accidents, fall from height, gun shot wounds, burns, industrial accidents

Who is an intensivist

Doctor with subspecialty training or equivalent qualification in critical care. An intensivist directs care of critically ill and injured patients. He works in coordinated manner with other health care professionals necessary for care of patient in critical care units

Who are members of multi disciplinary critical care team

Critical care specialist, Trained nursing staff, dietician, respiratory therapist, ICU technician, physiotherapist

What are the teaching programs we have in our ICU

  • Regular interactive discussion among team members and specialists from other departments
  • ACLS, ATLS classes
  • Regular teaching programe for nursing staff \ paramedics
  • Academic meetings \ post graduate teachings

What are critical services performed in emergency room

  • Initial resuscitation and management of patients with road traffic accident, stabilization of polytrauma victims
  • Securing airway, breathing, circulation
  • Performing basic laboratory investigations, radiological investigation
  • Decision to shift to ICU or OT for further management
  • Performing life saving procedures like chest tube insertion, burr hole insertion, pericardiocentesis etc

What infrastructure do we have in ICU

  • Central air conditoning
  • State of art technology in ICU
  • Evita Drager ventilators
  • dragger multiparameter monitoring system
  • closed loop suctioning system
  • variety of syringe pumps and infusion pumps for precise drug delivery

What are different policies we follow in ICU

  • Hand washing, antibiotic policies
  • Regular infection committee meeting
  • ATLS, ACLS guidelines
  • Properties for proper disposal of waste

What are different procedures we perform in ICU

  • Insertion of CVP and arterial line
  • Performing lumbar puncture, thoracocentesis, chest drain insertion fibrooptic bronchoscopy and lavage
  • Initiation and maintainence of ventilatory support
  • Insertion of feeding tubes for nutritional support

What are allied health services that critical care health department work along with

  • Laboratory and diagnostic services
  • Radiological services
  • Blood bank and microbiology department

What is necessity for counseling room in ICU

To discuss with patients relatives regarding condition of patient, prognosis and complications. Also to counsel patients attenders in unfortunate event of death of patient in ICU.

Since these are very sensitive issues, these have to be discussed in calm and appropriate way, without hurting feelings of bystanders

Critical care team members

  • Dr Sharanu Patil
  • Dr Ravi Narayanan
  • Dr Chandrashekhar
  • Dr Sadashivan Iyer