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Dr. Jagdish Chattnalli

Dr. Jagdish Chattnalli Best  Neurosurgery  Bengaluru
Chief Brain & Spine Surgeon, Neuro Onco Surgeon (MSKCC NY USA), Dept. of Minimal Invasive Neuroscience

Specialties: Neurosurgery

Hospital: Sparsh Infantry Road

Address: # 146, Infantry Road (Opp.Police Commissioners Office) Bangalore 560001, India
080 3328 2000

Phone: 080 61 222 000

Chief Brain & Spine Surgeon, Neuro Onco Surgeon (MSKCC NY USA), Dept. of Minimal Invasive Neuroscience.

Dr. Jagdish Chattnalli is a Brain & spine surgeon at SPARSH who specialises in the field of Neurosciences. With over a decade of experience, he has accumulated immense expertise in treating standard to complex neurological & spinal disorders.

He has extensive experience on handling various surgeries of brain and spinal surgeries such as Neuro Micro Surgeries, Neuro Endoscopic Surgeries, Skull Base Surgeries, Functional Neuro Surgeries, Awake Brain Surgeries, Minimal Access Surgeries for Intracranial Hematomas & Brain Abscess, Microscopic Brain Tumor Surgeries, Advanced Functional Brain Mapping & Microscopic Excision of Brain Tumor for Best Outcome.

Apart from this, he also specialises in Radiofrequency Ablation, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Parkinsonism, Prolotherapy, Percutaneous Laser Ablative Procedures, Neuronavigation and Stereo Tactic Procedures, Surgical Stroke Treatment and Epilepsy Surgeries. He also treats spinal disorders with Minimal Invasive Spine Surgeries, Key Hole Spine Surgery, Spinal Surgeries & Instrumentation, Kyphoscoliosis, Complex Spinal Reconstructions for Deformities, Tumors & Infection, Vertebroplasty & Kyphoplasty, Disc Replacement, Comprehensive Associated Pain Management Services, Fixations, Minimal Access Spinal Technologies (MAST) and Dynamic Stabilization

Dr. Jagdish Chattnalli is honoured with Medical Innovative Technology Health Care Award for his excellence in patient quality care and treatment.