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Critical Care and Emergency Department

There are very anxious moments to the family members when someone loved is admitted to the hospital, particularly in critical care unit.

Critical care medicine is a specialty that involves management of patients with life threatening, complex medical and surgical illness.

SPARSH Super specialty Hospital encompasses 75 bedded state of art ICU. The department offers 24 X 7 care, and is equipped to provide latest and advanced care to adults, children and newborns, who have one or more organ dysfunction of Lung, Brain, Heart, Liver, Kidney or Gastro-Intestinal system .

Facilities available in Intensive Care units:

  • Managed by a dedicated team of highly qualified Doctors and Nurses
  • Each bed has advanced patient monitoring system
  • Fully equipped with Ventilators which advance modes, Defibrillators, Pacemakers, IABP, etc.
  • Full fledged 24 X 7 Radiology and Lab service
  • Dialysis services

Facilities available in Emergency Unit

  • 18 bedded emergency room
  • Advanced resuscitation facilities
  • Level III trauma center with proper triage facility
  • Round the clock radiology and imaging services.
  • Dedicated operation theater
  • Backed by 24 X 7 lab and blood bank facility

Multidisciplinary teams of highly experienced physicians, nurses, respiratory care technicians, pharmacists, dieticians and other allied health professionals provide comprehensive care for these critically ill patients.

This team uses their unique expertise, ability to interpret important therapeutic information, access to highly sophisticated equipment, and the services of support personnel to provide care that leads to the best outcome for the patient. Interventional procedures are carried out in required patients.

The hospital follows strict infection control policies and antibiotics usage is closely monitored. Relatives are regularly updated about the patient’s condition in detail, plan of management and outcome of the treatment.

Dr. Harish N S

Dr. Harish N S
Dr. Harish N S is a Consultant Critical care and General Medicine at SPARSH Hospitals, Bangalo...

Dr. Pranam Hathwar

Dr. Pranam Hathwar
Dr. Pranam Hathwar is a Consultant in the department of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine a...

Dr. Raghavendra. M. K

Dr. Raghavendra. M. K
Dr. Raghavendra M K has joined Critical Care and Emergency Medicine department, SPARSH Hospita...

Dr. Madhu M S

Dr. Madhu M S
Dr Madhu M S, is a Lead Consultant in Critical care & Emergency Medicine at Sparsh Superspecialty Hospital...

Dr. Kiran. P. V

Dr. Kiran. P. V
Consultant Emergency Medicine