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Master care for your internal organs

Gastroenterology deals with the diseases of the organ system responsible for intake, digestion, assimilation of food and evacuation of faeces. Thus it caters to a wide variety of diseases affecting oral cavity, esophagus/ food pipe, stomach, large and small intestine, anal & perianal area, liver, pancreas and gall bladder.

A team of highly qualified Medical and Surgical Gastroenterologist run this department at Sparsh, backed by the latest infrastructure and equipments. The team at SPARSH hospitals provide comprehensive care for – Acid peptic diseases (Gastritis –GERD), diarrhea – malabsorption, Hemorrhoid / Piles, stones – biliary and pancreatic, hepatitis, liver disease, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, infectious / inflammatory disorders, tumours (both cancerous & non-cancerous) of the gastrointestinal tract / liver and pancreas and obesity / nutrition related issues.

The Medical gastroenterology, Hepatology and nutrition department is fully equipped with the latest equipments including spyglass, double balloon enteroscopes, impedance-pH manometry, fibroscan, contrast and high magnification endoscopes. Department is comprised of reputed with a rich experience in handling the variety of GI cases and capable of performing complex endoscopic procedures like intragastric balloon placement (obesity), spyglass cholangioscopy (Bileduct strictures), double balloon enteroscopy (small intestinal diseases), EMR and ESD.

The Surgical gastroenterology team is well versed in minimally invasive surgical technique of Laparoscopy or key hole surgery which is associated with minimal post-operative pain, better cosmesis and early return to work. They also provide Advanced laparoscopic surgeries, Upper GI/ colorectal/hepato-biliary and pancreatic, Laparoscopic gastro intestinal cancer surgery, Metabolic and bariatric surgery, and Single-incision laparoscopic surgery (instead of multiple tiny incisions).