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Radiodiagnosis and Interventional Radiology

Equipped with 1.5 Tesla advanced GE MRI Optima 350, 16 slice multidetector CT GE optima, Voluson E8, E6 with 3D and 4D probes, Digital X ray, advanced Mammogram siemens Mammomat with interventional facility (stereotactic biopsy), Advanced GE cathlab suite for cerebral, spinal and peripheral angiography as well as interventions, Whole body DEXA scan.

Scope of services:

Whole body MRI:

  • Advanced neuroimaging – functional MRI, perfusion, DTI, MR spectroscopy
  • Advanced musculoskeletal imaging
  • Onco imaging - Including mammography and whole body diffusion imaging
  • Fetal and Cardiac MRI

Whole body MDCT CT:

  • 3D imaging, CT DSA cerebral Angiography, Fast volume imaging with reconstruction
  • Latest and Advanced CR Mammogram, with localization of masses and interventional capability

Ultrasound and colour Doppler:

  • Fetal imaging 3D/4D,
  • Fetal interventions: Amniocentesis, Fetal reduction, Ablation of twin to twin transfusion, CVS
  • Advanced ultrasound machines capable of best imaging for gynecology, Urology, hepato-biliary, MSK, peripheral and neck vessels imaging Interventions:

CT/ USG guided interventions:

  • Guided tissue/Bone biopsies, drainage of collection/ abscess
  • Radiofrequency ablation of liver tumors, Thyroid nodules.


  • Whole body bone density / fat analysis

Vascular interventions:

  • DSA (Cathlab) cerebral, spinal & peripheral diagnostic and therapeutic procedures:

Therapeutic Neuro interventions (BRAIN & SPINE):

  • Acute ischemic stroke – mechanical thrombectomy
  • Intra cranial hemorrhage – aneurysmal coiling, AVM embolization, DAVF embolization
  • Treatment of carotico-cavernous fistula
  • Spinal or cranial vascular malformation embolization

Peripheral intervention:

  • Peripheral vascular disease stenting
  • Bronchial artery embolization
  • Varicose veins – laser treatment/ sclerotherapy/ glue injections
  • Varicocele / ovarian vein embolization
  • Acute GI bleed embolization
  • Uterine arteries embolization for fibroid / Post partum bleed/ AVM
  • Pre-surgical embolization
Dr. Bhaskar.M.V

Dr. Bhaskar.M.V
Dr. Bhaskar is a consultant interventional radiologist in SPARSH Hospital, Bangalore...

Dr. Ashwath TG

Dr. Ashwath TG
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Dr. Nishanth Gopal

Dr. Nishanth Gopal
Dr. Nishanth Gopal is a junior consultant in the interventional radiology department at SPARSH...

Dr. Bindu T S

Dr. Bindu T S
Dr. Bindu TS works as a junior consultant in the department of interventional radiology a...

Dr. Sudhakar Banakar

Dr. Sudhakar Banakar
Dr. Sudhakar Banakar is a junior consultant in the department of interventional radiology. Dr....