Joint Revolution

The pioneer of orthopedic care in India presents a flagship program – “Infinite Care” focused on creating a revolution in joint replacement surgeries. This program delivers a near pain free experience in joint replacement procedures. It also features the assurance of end to end care starting from preoperative counseling to postoperative rehabilitation ensuring you have complete peace of mind while we focus on superior healthcare to deliver a transformed life.

Why The Joint Revolution Program?

SPARSH is clearly a leader in the area of joint replacements. We have an impeccable track record of 0.3% complication and infection rate, significantly lower than the global average of 1%*.

Over 15 Million Indians suffer from Osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that affects the knees, hips, and hands. This 'wear-and - tear' condition is most prevalent among older populations. However less than 1%* opt for surgery.

A large section of the population chooses to avoid or refrain from undergoing this surgery due to misconceptions and fear associated with postoperative pain.

Joint replacement surgeries call for advanced expertise and well-rounded infrastructure to support the procedures. Only a limited number of facilities across India fulfill such requirements.

Affordability is also a major cause for low enrollments in joint replacement surgeries. High costs deny accessibility of such treatments to the masses.

While a few believe that undergoing a joint replacement may never allow them to be & feel like before, the fact is, replacing old painful joints can lead to a much improved way of living. At SPARSH, we educate patients to help them overcome the fear due to myths.

What is Infinite care and its benefits?

Infinite care commits to deliver an end-to-end experience starting from preoperative counseling, a home evaluation to ensure you are fully supported back at home post discharge and post-operative rehabilitation from a dedicated team of physiotherapists. The program guarantees transparent pricing and an assurance on the entire procedure.

Infinite Care

Infinite care ensures you are safe and secure to resume a healthy and happy life.

A comprehensive program driven by a team of World Class experts with the experience of over 10000+ successful surgeries spanning 15+ years.

SPARSH Hospital has always been the go-to destination for all Orthopaedic and specifically advanced joint replacement procedures. The team of experts lead by globally renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Sharan Patil, have successfully operated on the most unique, complex and challenging cases.

A comprehensive 'Walk-In Walk-Out' package that features transparent pricing – A Flat Fee Promise* with no additional / hidden charges.

SPARSH Sankalpa is an integral part of the Infinite Care Program. It features a 10-year assurance on the entire procedure; including coverage of any complication or revision surgery, if necessary, at no extra cost.

Sankalpa stands for commitment & assurance and this initiative commits to deliver a quality experience for the patient. This is the SPARSH promise of support & care that goes well beyond the duration of surgery and patient stay at the hospital.

Sparsh Sukshema is an evidence based pain management system by SPARSH, designed to ensure patient wellbeing and deliver a near pain free experience that enables faster recovery to get you up and running.

Our multi modal pain management protocols ensure rapid functional recovery, reduced hospital stay and minimal side effects.

Sukshema, translates to wellbeing and SPARSH has continuously & consistently delivered exceptional care to achieve outstanding patient satisfaction.

A joint replacement at SPARSH is a life changing experience for patients who've endured years of pain and struggle.