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Limb salvage surgeries

Overview of surgery

The advances in imaging along with improved surgical techniques, post operative care have enabled the surgeons to safely remove the tumors and save the limb with good function without compromising the disease control.
In this surgery the cancerous section of bone and soft tissue are removed  keeping adequate healthy muscles, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels .  The excised bone is reconstructed with either with bone graft or metal prosthesis (endo-prosthesis).

Steps of Surgery

After admission you will be evaluated regarding your fitness to undergo the surgery.The surgery will be done under general or spinal anaesthesia .Your post  surgery pain control is planned and started along with the anaesthesia.
After the surgery you will be shifted to Peri op ward/ICU for monitoring and pain control. Once you are comfortable and safe then you will be shifted to your ward for further rehabilitation.
You will be mobilized when comfortable .you will be discharged home when safe usually 12-14 days.


The complications would include infection ,bleeding implant failure.