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Medical Gastroenterology

Gastroenterology deals with the organ system responsible for consumption (oral cavity) and passage of food (oesophagus), digestion (stomach, pancreas & liver), absorption of nutrients (small intestine) and expelling of waste from body (colon, rectum & anus).

The team at SPARSH hospitals cover comprehensive diseases- infective diseases, tumours (both cancerous & non-cancerous), traumatic and post-surgical complications.

The surgeries performed are mostly advanced as orientation, anatomy and location of wound is a matter of up to date knowledge, technological knowhow and experience of the surgeon.

Laparoscopy or key hole surgery is much preferred because of minimal post-operative pain, cosmesis and early return to work. However very few surgeons adopt laparoscopy for most of the surgical conditions and SPARSH has experienced team, infrastructure and supportive staff to provide the same.

The procedures to take centre stage at the hospital include:

  • Advanced laparoscopic surgeries – Upper GI/ colorectal/ hepato-biliary and pancreatic
  • Laparoscopic gastro intestinal cancer surgery
  • Metabolic and bariatric surgery
  • To Single incision laparoscopic surgery (instead of multiple tiny incisions).

The surgical gastroenterology and general surgery department is fully loaded on state of the art machinery and facilities are already in place for advance robotic surgery that further reduces error point and makes video recording and transmitting available too.


Dr. Poorna Chandra KS

Dr. Poorna Chandra KS
Degree in Medicine (M.D.) and Doctorate (D.M.) in Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Dr. Poorna Chandra KS is a consultant in medical gastroenterology at SPARSH Hospitals, Bangalo...

Dr. Sharath Kote. G.S

Dr. Sharath Kote. G.S
MBBS, MD -Internal Medicine, DNB Medical Gastroenterology

Dr. Sharath Kote. G.S, is a consultant Gastroenterology, at SPARSH Hospitals, Bangalore.&...

Dr. Sandeep R Sharma

Dr. Sandeep R Sharma
MBBS, MD- Internal Medicine, DNB in Medical Gastroenterology

Dr. Sandeep R Sharma is a consultant Interventional Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist at S...