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Nephrology is a medical discipline that covers the diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases involving the kidney. Nephrology also offers comprehensive care for kidney diseases associated with other illnesses and conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes. Commonly treated disorders include kidney failure and glomerulonephritis.

The services offered by the Department of Nephrology include the following:

  • Clinical Nephrology: Routine services in nephrology for detection and management of renal problems including Nephritic and Nephrotic Illness; Renal Biopsy; Chronic Kidney Disease including Management Of Anaemia, Renal Bone Disease and Immunomodulatory Therapies.
  • Critical Care Nephrology: Diagnosis and management of Acute Kidney Injury including critical care dialysis; Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders; Poisoning and Drug Overdose needing Extracorporeal Therapies; Plasmapheresis and Prolonged Dialytic Therapies.
  • Hemodialysis: The large unit offers Hemodialysis in out patient and in patient settings; Acute and Chronic Access Placement; Access Assessment; Dialysis Adequacy and Prescription.
  • Peritoneal Dialysis: Counselling, catheter placement, training, prescribing and maintaining Chronic Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis- manual and automated; Acute Peritoneal Dialysis.
  • Hypertension: Initial assessment of Hypertension for secondary causes; Ambulatory BP Monitoring; Management of Renal Parenchymal, Renovascular, Accelerated and Malignant Hypertension; Pregnancy Associated Hypertension.
  • Renal Transplantation: Counselling, Assessment and Work up for Renal Transplantation. Post Transplant follow-up.


Dr. Ramachandra. P.

Dr. Ramachandra. P.
Consultant Nephrologist and Organ Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Harsha Kumar HN

Dr. Harsha Kumar HN
Consultant Nephrologist