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Pain Management

At SPARSH, we have a team of nurses and anaesthetists who specialise in pain relief after surgery. An identified pain control nurse is available to help you. One of the team may visit you before major surgery to discuss ways to control your pain and will be regularly monitoring your pain postoperative as well. A pain scale chart will be shown to you by which the team member can assess the pain you may be experiencing. The priorities are uncompromised patient safety and attention to details. State of the art equipment and monitoring enhances safety in patient care. Regular training drills, continuing education, infection control protocols, maintenance ensure care is of the highest standard. The team gets involved with patient’s right from the time of admission through their surgery till they go home. This feature has made many a patient, a friend of the team for life!

In management of pain both acute and chronic pain is given high priority at SPARSH hospital. The team comprises of highly trained anaesthetists and pain control nurses. The department boasts of highly diverse skills in pain management using regional anaesthesia with the support of ultrasound guidance thus by providing accuracy, safety, effectiveness.

The department has got infusion pumps, patient controlled analgesia, dedicated ultrasound machines. The pain control nurse is an integral part of the team attending to the needs of the patients & coordinating with the pain specialists to provide very effective pain relief.

In audits performed within the hospital, 94% of the patients have minimal pain, 5 % reported to have mild-moderate pain and only 1% of moderate pain.