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musculoskeletal-imgSPARSH Hospital is the one of the finest musculoskeletal hospitals with specialties like Orthopedics, Maxillo facial, Plastic Surgery and a Trauma Care centre which ensures quality of service and focuses on safety of the patients as it continuously works on assuring and improvement of quality.

Committed to reach out to those in need and provide the best medical care, SPARSH Hospital stands tall with over five years experience.  The Hospital is one of the leading quality health care providers in India.


Quality is basically "meeting or exceeding customer expectations."

SPARSH is the first NABH accredited orthopaedic hospital whose ultimate goal is to attain patient satisfaction by making services affordable and accessible as the new branch of SPARSH Hospital is in the heart of the city.


Quality Objectives

  • To train the staff to update their skills
  • Constantly strive to improve patient satisfaction index
  • Improve the quality perceived by the patients
  • Improve medical care efficiency
  • Promote self evaluation

SPARSH Hospital is continuously striving to emphasize on the Mission and Motto of the Hospital in order to:

  • To ensure patient and employee safety
  • To ensure service affordability and accessibility
  • To ensure patient confidentiality
  • To ensure quality medical services delivered to our patients
  • To educate patients about their rights and responsibilities


Quality Assurance Team At SPARSH

In the past, there wasn’t much information about the quality of hospitals. But over the past few years, medical researchers have developed tools to help patients, doctors, and hospitals figure out just how good our hospital care is.

The Dedicated Quality Team At SPARSH

  • Initiates data collection
  • Coordinates data collection
  • Uses statistical methods
  • Creates audit reports
  • Follows up on audit corrective action
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Provides advisenational-accreditation-img
  • Documents QA systems
  • Trains other in QA systems
  • Training employees
  • Establishes strategic plans
  • Sets policies & procedures
  • Assures customer needs are met
  • Improves and monitors inspection processes
  • Specifies inspection and testing equipment
  • Helps formulate quality assurance policies
  • Conducts audits
  • Issues corrective action reports
  • Final inspection
  • Patient satisfaction is ensured
  • Ensures resources are available for quality training

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) was set up to establish and operate accreditation program for healthcare organizations.

NABH accredits hospitals who provide high quality of care and patient safety while respecting patient’s rights. NABH accreditation stimulates continuous improvement, raises community confidence in hospital services, provides an opportunity for healthcare units to benchmark with the best and allows for continuous learning, good working environment, leadership among staff and above all ownership of clinical processes.

NABH accreditation improves overall professional development of Clinicians and Paramedical staff and provides leadership for quality improvement within medicine and nursing.

Moreover NABH is recognized by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQ) which is an international body that grants approval to Accreditation Bodies in the area of healthcare.