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Revision / Joint Replacement

Joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee has given a new lease of life to people suffering from and disabled with arthritis. However, the artificial joint (prosthesis) has a limited life-span lasting from 15-20 years, although, in some people it may last longer too. With time the artificial joint may wear out or loosen due to breakdown of the bone around the artificial joint. At this stage, patients may have pain, swelling of the joint and difficulty in walking. 

The plastic component of the artificial joint is usually the first to wear out and can be replaced while retaining the metal components. If the metal components are worn out or damaged, the entire artificial joint requires to be replaced. The wear debris from the plastic components can cause the surrounding bone to break down, leading to loosening of the artificial joint. Loosening may also occur when there is loss of bone support surrounding the prosthesis and improper positioning of the artificial joint during the initial surgery. Loosening of the artificial joint requires surgical removal and replacement. Infection, though rare, is another condition requiring a revision / joint replacement. This is referred to as Revision / Joint Replacement and requires the use of special, advanced prosthesis, bone grafts and more importantly, greater surgical expertise.

The following services at offered at the Revision / Joint Replacement Clinic

  • Diagnosis and Assessment
  • Counseling
  • Revision / Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Rehabilitation

The Revision / Joint Replacement Clinic at SPARSH Hospital specializes in this complex surgery. The Clinic is staffed by experienced surgeons (Dr Sharan Patil, Dr. Chandrasekar C and Dr Deepak Shivanna) who are ably assisted by a team of junior surgeons, clinical coordinators, physiotherapists and nurses.