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SPARSH Foundation

The wonders of medical science have made healthcare increasingly effective. Today, modern medicine can transform lives and create hope where only despair existed. SPARSH Hospital was built on the premise that it is possible to build a healthcare model based on best in class clinical and research practice that is accessible and affordable. With the foundation of the hospital based on principles like this it is imperative that that a transparent non profit arm of the hospital exists to drive this vision into reality. To build SPARSH Hospital’s own corporate social responsibility programme in the areas of trauma (Resuscitation By Right) and grass root health camps, to extend the hospital’s clinical expertise into areas like disability and related areas that do not receive organised funding, and to fund medical intervention in cases from economically backward families is the essence of what the SPARSH Foundation has been doing. Direct examples of the work that the foundation is involved in include:

  • Hejje Guruthu
  • Resuscitation by right- Right to life and survival:
  • Cleft  Care
  • Children in Need
  • SPARSH Vachana
  • Guru  Namana

SPARSH Hospital is committed to changing the way healthcare is practised in the country. Unless medical and healthcare is made more inclusive, all the advancements and technology that has been changing the face of the sector in the country and slowing helping India emerge as the healthcare hub of the world, will bypass the people that need it the most. This is where SPARSH Hospital is seeking to make a difference. The hospital needs support for these initiatives so that it can build scale for these programmes. The Foundation is registered and enjoys tax exemption 80G(5) (Vi) of IT Act 1961 No:DIT(E)BLR/80G/456/AAGTS 6428J/ITO(E)-3/VoL 2007-2008. The Foundation also needs volunteers in counselling and other support roles. Please contact Dr. Mamatha Patil to explore how you can support these programmes.