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Spine Clinic

The Spine Clinic at SPARSH-Hospital of Advanced Surgeries specialises in the non-surgical and surgical management of spinal disorders affecting all regions of the spine extending from the neck (cervical) to the lower back (lumbo-sacral). The clinic offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to the care of spinal disorders. The team consists of a spinal surgeon, physiotherapist, pain counsellor and nurses who work together towards providing high-quality and evidence based management of all spinal disorders.

The following services are offered by the Spine Clinic

  • Patient education and support
  • Patient assessment and diagnosis
  • Spinal physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Pain counselling
  • Spinal injection therapy
  • Spinal surgery
    • Discectomy (removal of the intervertebral disc) and decompressions of nerve roots and spinal cord in the neck and lower back;
    • Spinal fusion surgery in the neck and lower back;
    • Disc replacement surgery;
    • Correction of spinal deformities such as scoliosis and kyphosis;
    • Reconstructions and palliative surgery for spinal tumours;
    • Surgical treatment of spinal infections; and
    • Revision spinal surgery.

Our approach consists of making a definitive diagnosis by a thorough clinical assessment and using various diagnostic modalities followed by formulating a management plan. In many instances, the management plan would consist of non-surgical treatment comprising of pain medications, physiotherapy, pain counselling and spinal injections. If non-surgical treatment does not provide relief and/or if the condition warrants, surgery is considered in consultation with the patient and their families.

Patient education and support – At every step, an attempt is made to inform and educate our patients about their symptoms and the pathology. All treatment options are explained to patients (and their families) prior to starting treatment. We believe that an informed and educated patient is able to participate in a shared decision making process regarding the treatment.

Spinal physiotherapy and rehabilitation – This forms one of the foundations of the management of a large proportion of spinal disorders. In patients with chronic (long standing) symptoms of neck and back pain we adopt an exercise based treatment approach combined with advice regarding posture and back care and avoid local treatments like interferential therapy, short-wave diathermy and ultrasound massage. Our physiotherapists have considerable expertise in the management of acute and chronic spinal problems and may supplement the exercise base treatment with other treatment modalities.  

Pain counselling – Long standing spinal pain can occasionally take control of peoples lives and dictates every action and movement making them anxious and depressed. On the other hand, the presence of anxiety and depression can increase the severity of perceived pain and prolong the duration of pain. Pain counselling, by breaking the vicious cycle of spinal pain and anxiety, reduces the disability caused by the pain.

Spinal injections – Spinal injections of cortisone and local anaesthetic help to reduce pain and inflammation in the affected area of the spine. Back and neck pain resulting from facet arthritis are managed with injections into the facet joints. Leg pain resulting from nerve root compression is managed with nerve root blocks. The efficacy of the injections varies between individuals and the pathology being treated. However, they are relatively safe and are a useful option in the management of axial spinal pain and radicular leg pain.

Spinal surgery – We offer a wide range of spinal surgeries at all regions of the spine from the neck to the lower back. Surgery is considered after a thorough clinical assessment. imaging and in most instances after a trial of non-surgical treatment. An extensive educational session is provided prior to surgery so that patients are fully aware of the expected outcomes of the procedure and the potential risks and complications. Our well qualified surgeons, anaesthetists and caring nurses will endeavour to make your surgical experience safe and comfortable.