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BLS, ATLS training is ongoing at SPARSH. Regular training classes for the medical, nursing and paramedical staff are conducted. SPARSH Hospital believes that to truly consistently deliver the level of quality healthcare that has become expected of them it is critical to develop a dynamic training programme that not only updates staff on the latest techniques and processes but also to act as a refresher course for existing medical practice. In addition to this SPARSH Hospital conducts a mass casualty drill every three months so that the hospital staff is prepared for any eventuality, natural or manmade.

DNB Orthopaedics

The National Board of Examinations was established in 1975 with the prime objective of improving the quality of the Medical Education by elevating the level and establishing standards of post graduate examinations in modern medicine on an all India basis. SPARSH Hospital is recognized for training in the broad specialties of Orthopaedics (3yrs) and Anaesthesia(3 yrs) and an application is under process for recognition in Plastic and Microvascular Surgery(6 yrs). The DNB Training Courses in both the Orthopaedic and Anaesthesia Specialities are for 3 year duration.

The DNB (Ortho) Programme trains candidates to develop clinical acumen and interpret diagnostic results and correlate them with symptoms and signs including diagnosing common clinical conditions/diseases in the specialty and their management. Candidates will also acquire the ability to teach.

MBBS students about the commonly encountered conditions in orthopaedics, pertaining to their diagnostic features, basic pathophysiological aspects, general and basic management strategies. In addition to this they will also acquire research skills including elementary knowledge about research methodology, record-keeping methods, the ability to conduct a research inquiry, research analysis and report writing. Regular academic programmee ensures a high standard of education.

Post Graduate Education /Training at SPARSH Orthopaedics & Trauma

DNB Orthopaedics & Trauma Trauma Fellowship
2 seats 2 seats
Every July Every January
Arthroplasty Fellowship (Depuy J&J) Paediatric Orthopaedics Fellowship
1 seat 1 seat
Every July/January Every July


Plastic Surgery

Plastic and Microvascular DNB commenced in January 2010 and is a 6 year course. Residents will receive extensive training on plastic, cosmetic and micro vascular surgery. Being in the health city they will receive training in basic surgical specialties, work in conjunction with all super specialty providing a tremendous exposures. Regular theory classes, case presentation and discussions will be part of the training.

A micro lab to facilitate training in surgical techniques, use of instruments is also a proposed teaching tool.

DNB Plastic Surgery Hand & Microvascular Fellowship (RGUHS)
2 seats 2 seats
Every January Every January



The DNB (Anaes) trains candidates to function as specialist anesthesiologists. They will acquire advanced skills in Anaesthesia, critical care, pain management, and resuscitation of all acute or chronic conditions. They will also acquire skills to teach doctors in training and subordinate ancillary medical staff.

The trainees in anaesthesia rotate between all the hospitals in Health City giving them an unprecedented exposure in all specialties. The hospitals that they will rotate in are Narayana Hrudayalaya (one of the busiest hospital in world), Narayana Netralaya (eye hospital) and Narayana Institute of Advanced Medicine (paediatrics, neurosurgery, general surgery, transplant, obstetrics and gynecology, ENT, oncology & nephrology).

For teaching purpose all the hospitals have a common anesthesia teaching programme providing an opportunity to involve a wealth of experience, skills and personalities from over  90 anesthetists on campus..

Anaesthesia & Intensive Care

DNB Anaesthesia
2 seats
Every January