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SPARSH Hospital

At SPARSH, the International Patients’ Division is specifically dedicated for the International patient care and respective hospitality services.

Our high quality infrastructure, qualified doctors and caring nurses deliver both medical and surgical care at par to global standards. As a result, patients from across 73 countries extending from the Africa to the America, the Middle East and South Asia have availed of our services and undergone surgery at our hospital.

With our wide experience in treating international patients, we are aware of the needs and concerns of these patients including climate, food and language. Every stage of the patient’s journey with us is taken care with the minute detail. We assist our patients in making travel arrangements, airport transfers, hotel accommodation, organising interpreters, taking care of their food and beverage requirements. A committed International Help Desk caters to all the requirements of our international patients to ensure that their stay in the hospital and in the country is comfortable. We provide a “home away from home” experience to our international patients.

SPARSH is well known globally for its highly skilled orthopaedic interventions with Joint Replacement facilities in all the hospitals. However, our relationship with our international patients does not end with the surgery. Throughout the recovery process, our staff regularly checks on their progress, provide post-operative physiotherapy and clear post-operative advice. We also ensure that communication lines are kept open even after the patients return to their country of origin.

We are committed to keep up the faith with which they come to us, revive their hope and shower them with unconditional love to ensure that their experience at SPARSH is remembered for a lifetime.