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14 November, 2020

Keeping kids safe during the pandemic
COVID-19 has cut off our kids from the outside world and disrupted their routines. Social distancing, schools closing and many changes have made life quite challenging for both parents and their tots. Tough times bring families together; make the most of these times, bond with your kids and give them a safe and healthy environment for their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

This Children’s Day, we have a few tips to keep them safe and healthy.

Physical health: 
Now that winter is here and the rains are not ceasing to a halt, coughs, colds and tummy issues are quite common. With the added worry of COVID-19, it is important to practice social distancing, use a mask and teach your kids the right technique of hand washing. Avoid going out unless needed — avoid gatherings and parties. Give your children freshly cooked and nutritiously balanced home cooked food. Do not miss regular vaccinations, take caution while visiting clinics and ask your healthcare provider to guide you with any health issue concerning your child.

Talk about COVID-19:
COVID-19 has uprooted children’s daily routines and made them anxious, insecure and worried. Talk to them, be patient, be open, listen, be honest and supportive. Teach them to be compassionate. 

Form a routine:
Kids feel safer and more settled when they have a routine to follow. Make a timetable with time set aside for education, play, fun, exercise and family times. With online classes being the norm, limit screen time to healthy hours. 

Keep them safe online:
Risks and dangers of being online make them vulnerable to cyber bullying, sexual abuse and exposure to harmful content. Make sure to set up parental controls, safe search, turn off the webcam and alter your privacy settings. Educate them of the dangers, communicate, spend time with them online exploring educational content and ward away their fears if any. 

Family time:
Have designated areas at home for different activities, be it having lunch or catching up on soap. Use positive language, teach your kids to be empathetic, spend time playing games, go out for rides while not compromising on safety, and spend time exercising together and motivating them. Share chores, it makes them feel important and responsible. Cook together and make these times memorable and happy. 

Stress, anger and bad behaviour:
These are stressful times. Give yourself time to practice any relaxation or breathing techniques. Avoid showing your anger to your children — breathe, count and learn the art of patience. Never physically abuse as it has a negative impact on the children in the long run. If you are dealing with bad behaviour, redirect them towards good behaviour, divert attention and talk to them of the consequences of them not following instructions — it could be a time out for half an hour or not being allowed to play their favourite game. 

COVID-19 has had an impact on all walks of life. Staying safe and living the new normal as second nature is very important. Remember, happy and healthy children build happy and healthy futures.

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