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SPARSH Academy

SPARSH Academy

The DNB program was started at SPARSH HOSPITAL, Bangalore in 2008 with the vision:
  • To provide high-quality medical education and training to aspiring healthcare professionals.
  • To develop a culture of excellence and continuous learning among students.
  • To promote evidence-based practice and research in the healthcare field and to prepare healthcare professionals to provide competent, cutting edge, and patient-centered care.
  • The program was first started in Orthopaedic, Anesthesiology, and plastic surgery at SPARSH HOSPITAL, Bommasandra unit, later all broad and super specialty programs were started in other units in Bangalore.
  • Over 100 students have passed out and around 50 students are currently taking their courses in various specialties.

Our medical faculty had a collective mission to achieve our vision by :

  1. Educating and training medical students, residents, and fellows in the art and science of medicine, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, as well as communication, professionalism, and ethical principles.
  2. Provide hands-on experience and apply their knowledge in corporate settings, under the guidance and supervision of experienced healthcare professionals.
  3. Foster a culture of inquiry and innovation, encouraging medical learners to explore new ideas and approaches to healthcare delivery, and to engage in research that advances the field of medicine.
  4. Promote collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork, recognizing that healthcare is a complex and multifaceted endeavor that requires the input and expertise of professionals from various disciplines.
  5. To develop qualities so as to be future proof with quick changes happening in medical technology and recent advances in the field of medicine.
  6. To garner qualities of leadership, teamwork and selfless service to the community.

Clinical Programs

  • DNB
    • Anesthesiology
    • Orthopaedics
    • Critical Care
    • Nephrology
    • Radiology
    • General Medicine
    • General Surgery
    • Cardiology
    • Plastic Surgery
  • Fellowship in Spine Surgery
  • Fellowship in South Indian Arthroplasty Academy (SIAA - 2 year Rotational fellowship)
  • IDCCM - Indian Diploma in Critical Care Medicine
  • CCT-EM - Certified course training Emergency Medicine
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