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Healthy lifestyle is for lifetime

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Modern life and luxuries has made our standard of living and comforts better than ever before. We have good food, good homes, personal mode of transport, digital entertainment and modalities, better social life, more than ever before. A word of caution, ‘there is no free lunch!’ Everything comes with a price. The advancement in technology and lifestyle has been both boon and bane, with advancement we as humans have evolved to take less physical activities. A few decades back we probably had to walk a couple of kilometers to the nearest bus stop, catch a bus, and walk a few more kms to reach the destination. Without your knowledge we would have done a few thousand steps on a regular basis and that would be the norm for us. In modern life we walk a few steps to the car or bike or any of our personal transports, reach the parking lot nearest to the destination and walk a few more steps. And we sit in front of the desk, in front of laptops for the whole day and we mentally exhaust ourselves at the end of the day. We feel tired but we haven’t done much physical work at the end of the day. We go back home, sit on couches, switch on the TV, to relax for the rest of the evening, order food from the favorite joints, and eat our high calorie food or dinner and hit the bed late, over time this luxurious life makes you put on weight without one’s own knowledge and you have become an obese, diabetic with many health issues. If you are lucky you will realize where you have gone wrong and work to make it better. Many live their lifetime without realizing why they are a diabetic or hypertensive or a heart patient. A lucky few realize that something is wrong with their lifestyle and wish to change, a few of them take actions to change their life. A few start walking or join a gym or start running or pick up some sports, and get themselves back on track in a short time. A question may haunt you at the moment, ‘how long should I do this?’ The answer to this is, ‘A healthy Lifestyle is for Lifetime’. We deserve a healthy, happy productive life and a healthy lifestyle is the investment we make for a better tomorrow! So “Healthy Lifestyle is for Lifetime”


Dr. Muralidhar S Kathalagiri

Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon, Bariatric Surgeon, General and Gastrointestinal Surgeon

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