SPARSH Hospital’s Specialized COVID Clinic

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SPARSH Hospital’s Specialised COVID Clinic

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It was around this time last year that our country was taken by a new enemy, COVID-19. The media and news were filled with the horrific tales of the countries which had already faced the brunt of this disease.


That’s when the healthcare community of our country came together to fight this war on the health front. We at SPARSH have formed a well-equipped army of Pulmonologists, Internists, Infectious Disease Physicians and Intensivists along with a handpicked group of well-trained nursing faculty to handle this precarious scenario. The medical fraternity world over were in overdrive conducting research to come out with the best possible answers to this new virus called COVID-19. We at SPARSH also ensured that the latest evidence available was critically reviewed and implemented in the management of our patients. The results are here to see. Over the subsequent year, we treated most of our patients with excellent results. The evidence generated and the experience gained has made our team more comfortable, more confident, more competent but never complacent in handling this disease. At SPARSH, LOVE drives and upholds the HOPE and FAITH that the patients and the treating team embrace. However, the war is far from over. We have a two front battle at our hands. One being the different problems encountered by patients who have recovered from acute COVID disease, called the Post-COVID Syndrome, another being the possibility of new infections in the background of social unlocking and the evolution of the virus at various fronts. In order to address these issues, we have instituted a Specialised COVID Clinic which would be managed by experts with ample first-hand experience in managing both the acute infection as well as its varied sequelae. We are always available to cater to your post-COVID problems, queries and address them with the most up to date evidence based treatment available. So come, let’s continue our battle against this adversary till we see its end.


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