Women's Choices - Sanitary Pad vs. Menstrual Cup vs. Tampon

Posted On : December 16, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: What WOMEN WANT - Sanitary pad Vs menstrual cup Vs tampon, which is better and cheaper?

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Menstrual health and hygiene: Sanitary napkins have, for decades, remained the preferred choice for Indian women of menstruating age. But with emerging options like menstrual cups and tampons, here’s a comparison of the advantage and disadvantages of each, and a look at their average cost. For decades, menstruation or periods have been a hush-hush topic. But as awareness on women’s hygiene grow, and with increasing exposure, people, especially in urban India, have started talking more openly about periods. When it comes to products related to women’s health and hygiene, sanitary napkins have always been the preferred choice. But the eco-friendly menstrual cup or the convenient tampon are increasingly finding favours with young women. So which one is better: menstrual cups, sanitary napkins or tampons? Dr Sneha Rajiv, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, SPARSH Hospital, Bengaluru, speaks to Zee News Digital about the three, their pros and cons, and which one one should opt for. Read more here..

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