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Posted On : February 10, 2023

Sexual health: Four important issues every woman should know about

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Issues with arousal, pain, orgasm, desire, or both, during sexual activity, can be called sexual dysfunction. These issues can be caused due to physical or psychological factors, said Dr Prathima Reddy Women may choose not to open up about their sexual health for a variety of reasons, from discomfort and embarrassment to fear of humiliation, and in some cases, lack of awareness and education. In fact, many women might not even be aware that they are experiencing a sexual health issue and where to turn for assistance. “For women to feel supported and at ease while seeking treatment for sexual health issues, healthcare professionals must create a compassionate, judgment-free environment for the to openly discuss their concerns,” said Dr Prathima Reddy, director and lead consultant, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, SPARSH Women and Children. Read more here..

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