Sparsh Hospital's 'Infinite Care' Program for Joint Issues

Posted On : May 19, 2022

Sparsh Hospital Introduces ‘Infinite Care’ Program For Patients With Joint Issues

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Sparsh, an Orthopaedic care hospital, announces the launch of ‘Infinite care’ aimed at delivering care to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from conditions related to the joints. ‘Infinite Care’ offers a personalised experience for patients. As a part of the program, the care team conducts a detailed session with the patient and their families to clarify any doubts related to the procedure. The one-on-one patient counselling includes aspects such as surgery overview, type of implants that will be used for the surgery, cost estimates, insurance options, post-operative care, physiotherapy visits and much more. Furthermore, prior to the surgery, a team will visit the patient’s home to assess the preparations to be made for post-surgery rehabilitation. Read more here..

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