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Posted On : December 26, 2022

Year-ender 2022: Heart attacks in youngsters are now common. Take these steps in your 20s and 30s for a healthy heart

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Year-ender 2022 cardiovascular fitness: A sudden rise in heart attacks has been seen among youngsters this year, while performing physical activities or going to gym. Here are tips to follow to avoid risk of heart diseases and heart attack and steps to take in your 20s and 30s for a healthy heart The incidents of young adults having a heart attack has increased, mostly in India and if you look at the incidences now and ten years ago, the risk of heart attack is definitely higher now. Heart attacks are common in patients who have familial lipid disorders and while some people inherit high cholesterol in their family, which does not contribute to the significant proportion of patients, health experts believe that the most common reason for heart attacks among the young is smoking and it is one of the biggest reasons for them to develop heart attacks in their 20s and 30s. Read more here..

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