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Patient experience at Sparsh Hospitals

Gauthami was admitted to Sparsh hospitals suffering from a rare condition called “Blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome”, in this short video the family of Guathami share their journey of how the Doctors and the team at Sparsh provided treatment for Gauthami and helped her recover.

Gauthami’s father shares his plight with Gautham’s condition and how she was severely suffering from the condition and how the team at Sparsh has taken great care and provided exceptional commitment and treatment to help Gauthami recover.

While the family is greatly thankful and grateful for the support given by Dr.Sharath and his team, Gauthami shares how she was taken care of and how she is excited to go back to school and lead a healthy life.

Dr.Sharath shares his experience of treating Gauthami and the rare syndrome which was extremely challenging to be treated.

December 7, 2019

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