Dr. Deepa N A

Consultant Neurologist


Specialties: Neuroscience

Dr Deepa N completed her MBBS from Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences, Bellary and DM (Neurology) from National Institute of mental health and neurosciences (NIMHANS) Bangalore. Dr Deepa has a total of 16 years experience out of which she spent 4 years as a specialist in private hospitals in Bangalore. Dr Deepa is skilled in treating neurological disorders like headache, epilepsy, muscle and nerve diseases and Parkinson’s as well as managing neurological emergencies like stroke and brain infections. She is also interested in child neurology and is extensively trained in performing various neurological diagnostic procedures like lumbar puncture, needle EMG, Muscle and nerve biopsies. 

Hospital: SPARSH Hospital, Yeswanthpur

Address: 4/1, Tumkur Road, Yeswanthpur Bangalore, Karnataka 560022