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Posted On : November 29, 2022

Breast cancer: Here's how breast cancer treatment changes with each stage

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Before we talk about cancer treatment, we should also know about the importance of staging as the stage at which the breast cancer is diagnosed, the amount of treatment required will be extraordinary. Here’s how breast cancer treatment changes with each stage Breast cancer is mainly divided into 4 stages – stage 1 is where the lump is pretty small and it is confined to the breast, so usually we can say that it’s less than 2 cm and the size of a gooseberry while in the second stage, the lump is the size of a lemon and it’s without any change in the contour of the breast. When it goes to the third stage, there could be a small lump in the breast as well as the armpit or axilla. When it comes to stage 4,the disease in the breast is spread to a distant organ such as bones, lungs, liver and very rarely to the brain. Read more here..

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