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Posted On : December 5, 2022

Epilepsy: Myths and facts

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Epilepsy is a neurological disorder due to hypersynchronous, abnormal, and excessive electrical discharges in the brain. The cells of the brain are called neurons and whenever the neurons fire at an abnormal rate, it causes seizures. In India, about 10 million people suffer from epilepsy and it roughly affects 1% of our population. There are various causes for epilepsy-based seizures. From infections such as meningitis to severe head injuries, brain tumour and cerebral vascular degeneration (stroke/clot/haemorrhage) can cause epilepsy. In addition to this, there can be genetic causes, pre and perinatal brain injuries and metabolic abnormalities such as electrolyte abnormality, hypoglycemia(low blood sugar), inborn error of metabolism in children that can cause epilepsy. Read more here..

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