Dr. Kumud Dhital Joins Sparsh Hospital - Renowned Cardiothoracic Specialist

Posted On : December 30, 2021

Globally renowned Cardiothoracic Specialist and Heart & Lung Transplant Surgeon Dr Kumud Dhital joins SPARSH Hospital

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Globally renowned Cardiothoracic specialist and Heart & Lung Transplant surgeon Dr Kumud Dhital has joined Sparsh Group of Hospitals to lead the Heart and Lung Transplant Unit at the soon-to-be launched Sparsh Multi-organ Transplant Centre in RR Nagar, Bengaluru. With over 24 years of experience as a Cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr Kumud Dhital has been associated with top hospitals across the UK, Europe, and Australia prior to joining Sparsh. Known for his expertise in complex heart and lung surgeries, Dr Dhital specialises in the management of end-stage heart and lung failure including heart and lung transplantation as well as in the implantation of mechanical circulatory support devices. He is globally renowned for being the surgical pioneer of DCD (donation after circulatory death) Heart Transplantation, the first series of which he performed as the principal surgeon leading a dedicated team in 2014 at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia. At the Sparsh Multi-organ Transplant Centre, Dr Dhital will build a comprehensive thoracic transplant program and lead an expert team of specialists to establish Sparsh as a state-of-the-art centre for end-stage heart and lung failure, heart and lung transplantation and mechanical circulatory support. Commenting on his new role, Dr Kumud Dhital, said, “I am happy to be leading a team of highly experienced doctors who have the complementary expertise to bring out the best possible outcomes for our patients. From the time of evaluation to post-transplant care and long-term survivorship, organ transplant requires multidisciplinary coordination and the support of a wholly integrated team. My team is very much looking forward to working with our multi-disciplinary colleagues, local and national organ donation organizations, organ failure and transplant related professional societies and with organizations that promote and educate our communities about the value of organ donation. Our aim is to significantly improve the utilization of organs donated locally for local recipients in Karnataka and to establish Sparsh as a leader in multi-organ transplantation, and add further value to Bangalore’s established reputation as a hub for the delivery of advanced healthcare.” Click here to know more

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