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SPARSH physiotherapy aims to maximise human potential through a proactive approach to health and wellness. We offer wide range of services and methods of treatment to musculo skeletal problems ranging from general aches and pains to complex sports injuries.

Our physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced. In addition to core competence in their required fields, our physiotherapists also have expertise/experience in advanced physiotherapy skills/techniques. All therapists remain up to  date with an ongoing in-house and external education program that ensures that SPARSH remains a leader in the provision of physiotherapy services.

Physiotherapy Services Offered

In patient services

SPARSH hospital is state of the art orthopaedic super specialty hospital for elective (planned) orthopaedic surgical procedures. SPARSH physiotherapy offers a comprehensive inpatient service which includes scientific & customised rehabilitation following complex joint replacements, ligament reconstruction, oncology resection, primary and revision joint surgery and joint stabilising surgery. The inpatient physiotherapists deliver pre & post-operative exercise program, which includes the provision of illustrated exercise booklets to patients who have undergone surgery in our hospital. Our physiotherapists work closely with surgeons and nurses, to ensure a team approach in the days following surgery.

Out-patient Services

Outpatient physiotherapy service offers face-to-face assessment and treatment sessions for people with any musculoskeletal pain or problem. At our large department within the hospital, we have excellent facilities to allow us to optimise our treatments.

Facilities include:

  • Large treatment area
  • Individual treatment rooms for private consultations/treatment sessions
  • Regular exercise classes within our recently updated gym that has facilities for yoga, pilates, core stability training with floor and Swiss ball exercises
  • One-to-one exercise programmes set up with a physiotherapist specific to your condition

The range of treatment options we have available to help with your condition include:

  • Manual therapy techniques (joint mobilisations, manipulations)
  • Soft tissue techniques (myofascial release, trigger point techniques, muscle energy techniques, stretches, PNF)
  • Patient-specific exercise prescriptions
  • Structured exercise classes and programmes (back class, leg class, ACL reconstruction class, shoulder class, osteoarthritis class, individually tailored programmes)
  • Advice and education
  • Chronic pain management advice
  • Functional restoration programme for those with long standing pain
  • Electrotherapy