Life-Altering Surgery for Lakshmi Tatma at SPARSH Hospital

Dr. Sharan S Patil

Dr. Sharan S Patil

Lakshmi Tatma’s life-altering story

“Two-year old Lakshmi was born an ischiopagus conjoined twin where only one of the twins had a head and the other was a parasite. Upon arrival at SPARSH, immediate tests revealed that she was extremely malnourished and had a low haemoglobin count. She was suffering from an infected pressure sore on the dorsum of the parasitic twin and also had a parasitic helminthic infestation of her bowels. The paediatric surgery team operated on her, carefully dissecting vital organs so that they could be preserved during removal of the parasite. As Lakshmi herself had only one kidney, a second kidney from the parasite twin was moved into Lakshmi’s body. We are indeed grateful to all the people who have wished welfare to Lakshmi and the team at SPARSH Hospital, including the media who have covered this story in such a sensitive manner.”

November 18, 2018

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