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Dr. Pavan S

Consultant Neurosurgeon


MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCh (Neurosurgery), DNB (Neurosurgery)



Spine Surgery


SPARSH Hospital, Yelahanka

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Dr. Pavan S stands as a distinguished Neurosurgeon, marked by a journey of academic excellence and clinical proficiency. His academic milestones include obtaining an MBBS from Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences, Ballari, followed by an MS in General Surgery from the same institution. Driven by a deep interest in neurosurgery, he further pursued a highly specialized M.Ch. in Neurosurgery at the prestigious Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Hyderabad. Notably, he is also a recipient of the D.N.B (Neurosurgery) from the National Board.

Dr. Pavan’s professional journey commenced as a Medical Officer at Hansoge (PHC). Following his MCh in Neurosurgery, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery at NIMS, Hyderabad.

Dr. Pavan S has conducted a substantial number of surgical procedures across diverse neurosurgical domains. His elective interventions include over 700 tumour resections, encompassing intra and extra-axial cases, Microvascular Decompression for conditions like Trigeminal Neuralgia, and aneurysmal clippings. Proficient in endoscopic techniques, he has contributed to pituitary surgeries and CSF rhinorrhoea repairs. Demonstrating prowess in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), Dr. Pavan has independently performed discectomies, fenestrated laminectomies, and MIS fixations. Noteworthy is his expertise in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for conditions like STN Parkinson and tremors. His emergency surgical experience spans traumatic brain and spine injuries, managing over 2000 cases, with independent operations exceeding 800 and 1000, respectively. Dr. Pavan’s comprehensive surgical repertoire reflects his commitment to advanced neurosurgical care.

Dr. Pavan S has garnered recognition for his academic contributions, presenting research on various neurosurgical topics at national conferences. In 2019, he discussed cervical morphometry at TNSCON, followed by presentations on Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) planning in 2021 and innovative surgical techniques in 2022. His diverse presentations cover topics like trauma-related scalp fractures, Craniopharyngioma treatment, and the impact of DBS on handwriting in Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Pavan’s commitment to advancing neurosurgical knowledge is evident through his active participation in conferences across multiple years.

Dr. Pavan S’s extensive research contributions include a thesis on vasospasm post-aneurysmal clipping. Noteworthy publications encompass a 2017 case report, a 2021 study on Parkinson’s disease using SWI sequences, and investigations into the impact of STN DBS on psychiatric aspects. Dr. Pavan’s innovative techniques in spinal surgery are showcased in publications, and ongoing research involves prospective studies on clot evacuation and ligamentous changes, demonstrating his dedication to advancing neurosurgical knowledge.

His managerial skills are evident in his role as a lecturer and organizer of Continuing Medical Education (CME) sessions, showcasing his commitment to knowledge dissemination and academic growth. Dr. Pavan’s multifaceted contributions underscore his position as a distinguished figure in the realm of neurosurgery.

Dr. Pavan S showcased versatility with RGUHS University Blue awards in cricket and tennis, serving in leadership roles at VIMS for annual events and medical exhibitions.

  • Neurological Society of India (NSI)
  • The Association of Surgeons of India (ASI)

  • Case report – ‘walk to remember’ – J spinal surgery – 2017
  • ‘Volumetric analysis of subthalmic and red nucleusin patients of advanced parkinson’s disease using SWI sequences’ – Surgical Neurology international – 2021
  • Effects of bilateral STN DBS on Psychiatric profile, Cognitive aspects and quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s disease’ – the Journal of Neurobehavioral Sciences – 2021
  • Changes in optimal stimulation frequency with time for gait disturbances in patients with PD after STN DBS – a longitudinal study – Annals of Indian Academy of Neurlogy 2022
  • Saradhi’s single stage, anterior sequential reduction utilizing C3 for type III hangman’s fracture: A novel technique – Journal of CVJ and spine – 2021
  • Evaluation of Pro- and Anti-inflammatory Cytokines in glioma patients: Correlation with Tumor grading – research gate May 2023
In review
  • Early endoscopic clot evacuation Vs DC of supratentorial ICH -A institutional prospective, RCT – Indian journal of Neurosurgery 2023
  • Ligamentous changes at CVJ in degenerative spine diseases – A prospective comparative study- Dr NTR university of health sciences 2023

  • MBBS – Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences, Ballari
  • MS (General Surgery) – Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences, Ballari
  • M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) – Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Hyderabad
  • D.N.B (Neurosurgery) – The National Board of Examinations

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