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The name “SPARSH” has grown synonymous with the highest quality of orthopaedic care, having gained international recognition and accolades in orthopaedics for over a decade now. We take pride in being the “Destination for Medical Complexities”. We achieve this through experienced surgeons across the spectrum of clinical needs who come together to form a compassionate and cohesive unit for the best treatment. Our team is well-supported by interventional radiology and the best neurosurgical, vascular and plastics surgeons. No matter what condition you have-from aging, to overuse, to a traumatic accident, to a sports injury, the Department of Orthopaedics, SPARSH Hospital has the expertise to enhance your quality of life, mobility, and range of motion. Providing state-of-the-art orthopedic treatments, our Orthopaedic surgeons bring training and experience from around the globe.  

Our State of The Art Services

Our Orthopaedic services are designed to keep you moving freely from head to toe through customized treatment, reconditioning, and education. Thousands of patients are being treated by us every year. The most experienced interventional radiologists, neurosurgeons, and plastic surgeons are in our team.  

A few of the services we provide are :


Joint Replacement

We have an impeccable track record in joint replacements, with a less complication and infection rate of only 0.3%, significantly lower than the global average of 1%.We use the latest and most advanced treatment facilities to restore mobility and get you back to the activities you enjoyed before joint pain interfered. Our expertise lies in replacement surgeries of hip, knee, shoulder and elbow. Recently we have revolutionized joint replacement surgeries by procuring a robot which makes joint replacement more precise, less painful, and early functional recovery.  

Arthroscopy And Sports Medicine

With more than 7000 rehabilitation sessions per year, we are one of the leading rehabilitation centers in the country. Integrating conventional and regenerative orthopaedics with sports science, we provide programs designed to make you a better athlete with a focus on preventing secondary injuries. Our team of orthopaedic surgeons specializes in managing ACL & PCL meniscal tears, hamstring strain, ankle sprain, tennis elbow, and shoulder injuries (rotator cuff tears, dislocation, acromioclavicular joint dislocation, and clavicle fractures).  

Complex Trauma

SPARSH specializes in treating serious injuries of the skeletal or muscular system. Our surgeons use the latest medical technology and minimally invasive techniques and tailor their treatment approach to patients’ unique needs. Our state-of-the-art ICU units have all the facilities to help a patient recover from even the most severe injuries. Multidisciplinary care involving Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, and Plastic Surgery ensures speedy recovery so you can get back to the lifestyle you enjoy.  

Paediatric Orthopaedics

Paediatric orthopaedic care is one of our specialties. In addition to paediatric upper limb, lower limb, and spine surgeries, our experts devise an individualized treatment plan for your child and help him or her reach their full potential.  

Limb Reconstruction

Congenital anomalies, long-standing infections, neglected fractures, and badly united fractures may lead to limb deformities. We offer the most modern surgical procedures for treating limb deformities of all types. Our limb reconstruction team consists of a multidisciplinary group of orthopaedic surgeons, microvascular surgeons, physiotherapists and pain management specialists.  

Foot And Ankle Surgery

This surgery can align broken bones, fuse painful joints, remove overgrown tissues or repair a torn ligament or tendon. We specialize in treating conditions like ankle impingement, ankle injuries, achilles rupture, bunions, congenital foot disorders, diabetic foot and many more.  

Hand And Wrist Surgery

Our team of surgeons specialize in hand and wrist orthopaedic surgery. They manage bone and soft tissue conditions by using the latest delicate surgery techniques. Our doctors specialize in performing awake surgery using localized anesthesia. With our latest surgical advancements, we can minimize hospital stay and patients can return to work on the same day (Day Care Surgery). Our occupational therapists will help you regain full function and resume normal activities.  

Ortho Tumors

Our Orthopaedic Oncology specialists have expertise in treating tumors and cancers of bones, joints, and muscles, including conditions like giant cell tumors, fibrous dysplasias, bony cysts, osteochondromas, enchondromas, cancers in muscles near the bones and metastatic bone cancers. We have the amalgamation of the best of surgical, medical, and radiation oncology. We use the latest interventions in oncology and are managing most bone cancers with great success rates. SPARSH Hospital group provides the most affordable limb salvage surgeries for the masses to reconstruct defects resulting after tumor excision.  

Spine Surgery

If you have back pain that limits your mobility, we are here for you. Whether you need care for a common injury or complex spinal surgery, our specialists can restore your mobility and improve your quality of life. Our emphasis is on all aspects of spinal treatment, such as physiotherapy, ergonomics, lifestyle awareness, and surgery.
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