Nearly 80% of people face a painful back or neck problem at some point in their lives. Whether you need care for common injuries or complex spine surgery, the specialists at SPARSH Hospital can help restore movement and improve quality of life. A world-class facility has been set up with an emphasis on all aspects of spinal treatment including physiotherapy, ergonomics, lifestyle awareness and surgery. 

An Innovative Approach to Treatment

Minimally Invasive and Microscopic Surgery

Minimally Invasive and Microscopic Surgery

Spinal Deformity and Tumor Resection under State-of-the-art Neuromonitoring Systems

Spinal Deformity and Tumor Resection under State-of-the-art Neuromonitoring Systems

We Specialise in the Treatment of

Degenerative Spine

Spinal Deformities

Scoliosis, Kyphosis, etc.

Tumors in the Spine

Spine Infections

Spine Fractures

or Trauma

Spine & Spine Surgery Experts


Dr. Abhilash Bansal

Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon.

Spine & Spine Surgery FAQs

More than 90% of lower back pain and leg pain due to a lumbar disc prolapse can be treated conservatively without surgery. A thorough assessment will help in making the decision.

Every surgery has complications. A minimally invasive approach and thorough assessment to decide on the need and type of surgery along with improved expertise to handle these issues has brought down the incidence of complications significantly. Today, spine surgery is safe provided adequate care is taken.

Surgery for spine deformity depends on the cause for deformity. Spine deformity that starts by birth or early childhood (before the age of 5) and increases consistently has to be addressed early to prevent long-term breathing problems.

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