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Overview - Urology

Urology is a surgical speciality which deals with problems of the kidneys and urinary tract-related complications. The Department of Urology at SPARSH Super-speciality Hospital, Bangalore, provides comprehensive care for a wide range of urological diseases. The department has modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. Our experienced consultant urologists are available to provide the best of the services to our patients and offer minimally invasive surgeries for various urological disorders including kidney stone disease, prostate enlargement and urological cancers amongst others.

An Innovative Approach to Treatment

Lesser Post-operative Pain and Faster Recovery
Lesser Post-operative Pain and Faster Recovery
Keyhole Surgeries
Keyhole Surgeries
Laser Surgeries
Laser Surgeries
Minimally Invasive Surgical Services (to all urological problems under one roof)
Minimally Invasive Surgical Services (to all urological problems under one roof)

We Specialise in the Treatment of

  • Endoscopic and Laser Treatment (for kidney stones and prostate problems)
  • Laparoscopic Surgery for Various Urological Problems
  • Kidney transplant (Live-related and Cadaveric)
  • Uro-oncology services
  • Andrology and Male Infertility Services
  • Female Urology
  • Paediatric Urology
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Why are kidney stones formed?

Kidney stones are formed whenever there is an increase in the concentration of salt and minerals like oxalate, uric acid, etc. in the urine. These minerals form crystals and further grow to form stones. 

How can I prevent kidney stones from forming?

Drinking adequate amounts of liquids to produce about 1.5 to 2 litres of urine, consuming a low-salt diet and reducing intake of food rich in oxalate and uric acid can help.

What is a laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is also known as keyhole surgery, wherein small holes are made in the abdomen’s cavity to carry out surgeries of the kidneys, ureter, bladder and prostate.

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