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Department of Rheumatology at SPARSH Hospitals offers high quality care both inpatient and outpatient to the people of all age groups. We have dedicated full-time rheumatologists with vast experience who is highly trained in managing both adult and pediatric patients with autoimmune conditions. Rheumatological illness can manifest in various ways. Unless these disorders are picked up early and managed effectively, they are associated with high morbidity, disability and mortality. Most important and challenging is early diagnosis which requires high skill and patience for detailed evaluation. At SPARSH, we believe that detailed history is utmost important for appropriate diagnosis. We also believe that patient counselling is also equally important along with medicines for the management. Apart from musculoskeletal system involvement, other organ systems like eye, lungs, kidney, heart etc. can also get affected. Rheumatological illness could thus involve multiple system and thus sometimes needs to be managed by muti-disciplinary team. SPARSH Hospital caters in-house faculty of multi-specialty departments for the comprehensive patient care.
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