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No Worries in High Risk Pregnancy!

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Do you know that almost all pregnancies are at High Risk? This question or this statement in itself may start to bother you. However, the point is most of the pregnancies and childbirth worldwide are uneventful. 15% of pregnant women can develop potentially life threatening complications which may require skilled care and major interventions for survival. WHO (World Health Organization) has reported that almost 830 women worldwide die every day as a result of pregnancy complications. In India alone 20% to 30% pregnancies belong to the high risk category which is responsible for the majority of perinatal morbidity and mortality. Good news is, the advancement in our field of medicines and medical technologies along with early detection and effective management can contribute to the reduction of maternal and fetal adverse outcomes.

Who is at High Risk?

As conveyed earlier, it’s important to not to worry and get into stress by thinking about high risk pregnancy while planning to conceive, as it can be well managed by the medical experts. However, one must have some knowledge around this topic, so as to avoid the complication. Below are the points which will give an insight about who is at high risk.
  • If mother with comorbidities like high blood pressure, autoimmune disease, epilepsy, diabetes, and in particular psychiatric illness too
  • Extremes of maternal age during conception
  • High risk from previous pregnancy
  • Present pregnancy showing high risk for chromosomal or genetic abnormalities in the foetus
  • If prospective mother has recovered from cancer
  • Lifestyle choice: Smoking, Obesity, drinking, drug abuse etc…
  • Multiple pregnancies (like twins, triplets etc…)

How to overcome it?

Preconception appointment with experts is just like prevention better than cure. Once a couple / individual comes and attends our preconception appointment we can diagnose and then route the respective patient to appropriate specialists following the best possible multi-disciplinary approach under one roof. It’s always better to meet a specialist before planning pregnancy. This will give an opportunity to investigate, diagnose and initiate treatment. This in turn will help mother to conceive at her best health reducing the complications for both mother and baby. Once conceived it is advised to seek regular prenatal care and to avoid risky substances. Remember! what you consume during pregnancy will not just affect you but your unborn baby too.

Do I need a special test for high risk pregnancy?

Well high risk pregnancy in itself has varieties of cases that we come across at our clinics. Not all women who are prone to high risk pregnancy require special tests such as, targeted scans, prenatal cell free DNA screening, invasive prenatal testing, blood tests, cervical length screening, biophysical profile etc… However, based on the individual case & circumstance specialist will recommend or offer the aforesaid special tests.

When to approach the specialist during the pregnancy (as an emergency)?

As mentioned in one of the above sections it’s wise to meet medical experts before conceiving and once conceived below are the circumstances during which one must definitely consider to meet medical specialists
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Severe headache/ dizziness or persistent vomiting
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Decreased fetal activity
  • Pain or burning sensation during urination
  • Sudden swelling of face/ hands or fever
  • Thoughts of harming yourself or the unborn
Last but not least, giving birth is a unique indefinable experience, which must be experienced with a great positive approach. Staying positive will not only give the best outcome during your delivery but also influence the health of you and your baby postnatally.


Dr. Anju Namashivaya

Fetal Medicine Consultant

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